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Optimal Patient Positioning For Interventional & EP Procedures

Retain & Reposition Excess Tissue With Ease

The TZ Medical Pannus Retention System (PRS-02) is used to safely and effectively move and retain excess tissue, allowing easy access to the groin and left-side radial access. The Pannus Retention System uses adhesive pads and straps that can be easily removed and adjusted after application. It is designed to maintain patient comfort while allowing easy patient positioning from any angle.

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Product Features

  • Hypoallergenic, latex & residue-free
  • Ideal for groin access, left-side radial access, TAVR, & more!
  • Completely adjustable system - will fit any sized patient
  • Can be applied in less than 1 minute
  • Easy to reposition after application
  • No additional products are required
AdobeStock_302392226_Preview-heart “The Pannus Retention System has changed the way we position our patients on the cath lab procedure table for a femoral access approach. We have used tape and straps in the past to move the patient’s pannus as to visualize and clean the femoral area. The Retention system has made it so much more comfortable for the patient and easier for the staff to set up the patient for their procedure. It is versatile, easy to use and can be repositioned quite easily without much difficulty. We love this product.”
Jam Vallese
Cardiac Cath Lab, Kent Hospital