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Focused On Patient Comfort & Safety

As a medical professional, your top priority is patient care, and you need reliable solutions to help you deliver the best possible outcomes. At TZ Medical, we understand your needs and offer a wide range of devices that are designed to enhance patient comfort and safety. Our innovative products are developed by medical professionals like you, and we deliver the exceptional quality and unparalleled customer service you deserve. Let us help you achieve your patient care goals with our cutting-edge solutions.

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Learn More About Some Of Our Most Popular Solutions

Control Mechanical Thrombectomy System


The Control Mechanical Thrombectomy Aspirator combines simplicity with maximum pressure to provide optimal control during thrombectomy procedures. 

Pannus Retention System


Safely and effectively move and retain excess tissue, allowing easy access on the patient, including the groin and left side radial access.

Comfort Cradle


 Comfort Cradle is a versatile product that improves comfort, making lengthy procedures more tolerable for the patient and staff.

Cobra Board


Carbon fiber buttress device that can prevent arm drift during left radial artery procedures. Accommodates a wide range of anatomies.

Patient Satisfaction

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