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Complete Data Management For Cardiac Implantable Device Remote Monitoring

So you can focus on what's important, your patients.

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Instant: Simplify triage of incoming alerts with our customizable platform. Making it easy to view and analyze your patient’s data automatically.

Accessible: Review cardiac device data anywhere, anytime, all the time. A solution that works with you, not limits you.

Actionable: Get meaningful, insightful data on your patient's condition, allowing you to act faster.

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Save Time, Save Lives

Remote monitoring is shown to have a 50% increase in survival rates among patients

  • The ProPulse service allows doctors and staff to focus on patients while our certified device specialists focus on their data. Our technicians monitor all device transmissions, escalate important clinical findings, and prepare preliminary reports for professional review.
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A 360o Approach To Implantable Cardiac Monitoring

  • Improves patient outcomes
  • A no-cost option is available so that you don't have to buy servers, install any software, or hire any additional staff
  • Reduces the number of doctor visits
  • Earlier detection of any abnormalities
  • Instant, accessible, actionable results
  • Real-time monitoring of a patient's condition
  • Improves the workflow - our service is able to evaluate more data with less staff
  • Supports all major device vendors in one user-centric portal

Bringing Order To The Chaos

We Give Physicians And Their Patients a Clearer Option

  • 53% of patients with capable devices never used remote monitoring, 45% of clinical events are never transmitted. Our ProPulse remote monitoring service improves patient compliance.
  • Studies have shown remote monitoring can reduce unnecessary office visits by up to 80%. ProPulse frees up the physician's time to focus on at-risk patients and procedures. 



Innovation Meets Value

AdobeStock_302392226_Preview-heart TZ Medical reps listen to the customers’ needs and even though you’re not like Boston Scientific or Medtronic (yet) where you have the power to work rebates on contract commitments, you taper pricing to make it more appealing to the account. Big companies do not budge on pricing unless you commit to tier 1, 2, or 3 purchasing programs. TZ works with the accounts to tailor their needs. In other words, with the bigger companies, we would always end up with products we did not need. TZ, sparked by your ideas and tailored to your needs.
Rob Souza
O’Connor Hospital