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Enhancing Patient & Staff Safety & Comfort

The TZ Medical Comfort Halo is designed to enhance safety and comfort for conscious sedation patients. When used in conjunction with a drape, the Comfort Halo also enables physicians to intubate patients while better shielding themselves from any aerosolized particles released from the patient's airway during intubation.

The board slides underneath the imaging table mattress, enhancing the full view of the patient and keeping the anesthesia drape off of the patient’s face, improving patient satisfaction. The steel and vinyl tubing is flexible and can be molded into unlimited draping positions. The polycarbonate base is compatible with all bed types.

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Comfort Halo

  • Increases patient comfort by keeping the anesthesia drape off the patient’s face during conscious sedation
  • Offers an unobstructed view of the patient during the procedure
  • The flexible design may be molded to your desired shape or height
  • A visual reminder to perform “Time Out,” enhancing patient safety/ improving staff compliance with JCAHO requirements
  • Compatible with any bed type; no arm rails are necessary