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The Trident™ line of wearable cardiac event monitors is designed from the ground up to simplify and streamline the hookup process.

Connect the device to USB, enter patient and study information into the ClearBeat web portal, then attach the device to the patient. It’s that simple. When the device is returned, simply reconnect to USB to backup stored data and restore the device to default settings for future enrollments.

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Ready To Upgrade Your Cardiac Event Monitors?

Cardiac Monitors

Trident™ Nano

The Trident™ Nano line of Cardiac Monitors is designed to capture clear and comprehensive ECG tracings during Holter and Extended Holter studies. With multiple wear options, 8G of internal storage, and a low-profile design, the Trident™ Nano offers a unique combination of minimal body burden with the superior diagnostic yield of a 3-channel recording for study durations up to 30 days.

Trident™ Pro

Trident™ Pro Cardiac Monitors are equipped with a large LCD touch screen and on-board patient diary that provides a user-friendly experience for manually recorded patient events. Three channels of ECG data are acquired from surface electrodes adhered to the body, and 8G of internal memory with an advanced detection algorithm offer a versatile solution to capture, store, and transmit every beat during Holter, Extended Holter, Event, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry studies for up to 30 days.


Trident™ Nano Accessories
  • Multi-Bay Charger - Ensure multiple devices are fully charged and ready for long term studies
  • Single-Bay Charger - Charge the monitoring device during a study to achieve 30-day recordings
  • USB Dock - Quickly transfer data to and from the monitoring device.
  • Lead Cables - 3-electrode cables available
  • Patch Electrode - Discrete and light-weight for comfortable mobility
Single Bay Charger
USB Dock
Patch Brochure Image-1
Muti-Bay Charger
Trident™ Pro Accessories
  • Multi-Port Charger - Ensure multiple devices are fully charged and ready for long term studies
  • Charge-While-Wear Cable - Charge the monitoring device without disrupting current monitoring activity
  • USB Cable - Quickly transfer data to and from the monitoring device (USB Wall Charger included)
  • Lead Cables - 3- or 4-electrode cables available
  • Holster - Discrete and light-weight storage for comfortable mobility
Clarus Belt Clip
Clarus USB Cable
Clarus Leads 4
Clarus Gang Charger
AdobeStock_302392226_Preview-heart We have been working with TZ Medical since May 2019, using their Holter monitors, and it has been the best decision to switch to them. Not only is their staff, especially Sarah, delightful to work with, they are quick to respond with any questions we have and they check in with us to make sure we are doing good. Their online system has been very easy to use and it has made our in office process much simpler for our staff and our patients.